Monthly Zoom & Groove with Miss Jolie!

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ZOOM & GROOVE with Miss Jolie!

Zoom & Groove with Miss Jolie is music, movement, & fun geared towards Toddler, Pre-K, and Kindergarten students! 

Membership includes access to all of the classes!

Live Class Schedule 

Monday: 9:30AM  Zoom & Groove with Miss Jolie 

Tuesday: 9:30AM  Zoom & Groove with Miss Jolie 

Wednesday: 9:30AM Zoom & Groove with Miss Jolie 

Thursday: 4:30PM: Zoom & Groove with Miss Jolie (& Special Guest Classes!)

+ additional POP UP classes each month!


Each week is a different learning theme- but EVERY class is filled with LIVE interaction with Miss Jolie! Think of it as LIVE TV with authentic connection! Miss Jolie will be uniting kids and with singing, dancing, learning, laughing, exercising, and mindful moments to instill positivity & gratitude!

Miss Jolie puts her unique twist on classic songs children know and love, along with sharing her own original music and learning songs. She plays the guitar, ukulele, harmonica, sings songs, tell stories, and includes lots of movement and exercise in her programs. She instills many different positive messages, children’s mindfulness techniques, teaches about emotions, feelings, counting, letters, colors, rhyming, animals, and so much more... all through music & rhyme! 

In addition to offering a high energy, educational music & movement class, Miss Jolie will personally connect with your children. She will say their names, give birthday shout outs/special messages, and will take special requests too! 

Zoom & Groove with Miss Jolie is an opportunity for your child to learn, sing, exercise, and have fun with Miss Jolie on a daily basis in the most affordable, convenient, and safe way for parents and early childhood educators. 

There are different payment tiers for families at home and early childhood educators and centers. 

You can drop in to a single class for $6.00, or subscribe as a Member for all access + replays. You can cancel at ANYTIME- there is no contract or minimum commitment. 

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If you have any questions, please let me know. 

Sending a big hug & lots of love!!


Miss Jolie