Just a few Testimonials!

Giggle and Grow Preschool had the pleasure of having Jolie Della Valle do a book reading and signing at our school this past spring. This event was one of the best events our school has done and it was because of how Jolie engaged herself with the children, ranging in age between 1 and 6 years old. The reaction by the children was nothing less then amazing and we had a great experience. I highly recommend Jolie for an event schedule an event, like ours, and guarantee that you will be very pleased. She is very inspiring in every sense of the word and her personality shines beautifully as she reads, sings and places her ukulele to the group. The children adored her and so did the staff.” Barbara Michelson, Director - Giggle and Grow Preschool, Wayne NJ

“This is a fabulous book that will get your kids reading along and rhyming with you. Everyone can relate to having "ants in their pants," especially kids. Jolie helped the students at Bradford School shake out the ants in their pants by singing songs, playing her ukelele, and involving the audience in her interactive performance. She was fantastic and I would definitely recommend her performance and her book to others.” Principal Naomi Kirkman- Bradford Elementary School,

“We booked Jolie to come to our summer camp last year. She read her book, sang and danced and the children were totally engaged! Jolie has lots of energy and knows her audience! We are excited to have her come again this summer” Alice Berdy, Director - Bernart Temple Pre-school, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Dear Jolie, Tiny Treasures Staff and I would like to thank you for coming to our center and putting a huge smile on all our children. Your performance was unique and very entertaining. The children loved your personality and the staff kept asking if you could come back. We hope to have you among us again next year when your new book comes out. Be yourself and continue to put smiles on our children faces. Thank you again.” Director Imane- Tiny Treasures Child Care - Fairfield, NJ